Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council

Work Processes for Apprentices

Work Process DescriptionTarget Hours
Target Hours4000
I. Planning a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment

Understands and implements an environment and procedures which help ensure safety of all children in care.
Responds appropriately in the event of a health or safety crisis.
Uses effective teaching techniques to teach children about health and safety.
II. To Advance Children's Physical and Intellectual Development

Plans and implements a developmentally appropriate program that supports and enhances children's physical and intellectual needs.
Appropriately adapts the environment and activities to meet the needs of all children in care including those with special needs.
III. To Support Children's Social and Emotional Development

Demonstrates appropriate communication and child guidance techniques for individual children and groups of children.
Plans and implements activities designed to enhance children's social and emotional development.
IV. Positive and Productive Relationships with Families

Demonstrates respect for all families through all interactions.
Uses knowledge to support families in ways that meet their needs.
Incorporates diversity in meaningful ways in the classroom.
V. Strategies to Manage an Effective Program

Organizes and develops resources to better serve children and families.
Demonstrates effective teaching and group management techniques.
VI. Maintaining a Commitment to Professionalism

Implements positive relationships with coworkers, parents and employer.
Appropriately uses child care program, educational and professional resources to develop professional knowledge and skills.
VII. Observing and Recording Children's Behavior

Documents observations and behavior of children in order to better understand meet needs of all children.
Documents observations and behavioral incidents in order to meet program and licensing requirements.
VIII. Principles of Child Growth and Development

Plans and implements activities to support all aspects of child development.