Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council

Which courses will I take as an Apprentice?

Courses will be offered directly through CCV and apprentices are expected to attend one course per semester. Over the course of apprenticeship, apprentices will take:

  1. Dimensions of Self and Society (when applicable)*
  2. Communication in the Early Childhood Education and Afterschool Workplace
  3. Child Development
  4. Supporting Young Children with Diverse Abilities
  5. Curriculum Development for Early Childhood Education
  6. Program Management for Early Childhood Education
  7. Leadership, Mentoring and Supervision for Early Childhood and Afterschool Practitioners

Participants earn 3 credits from CCV upon successful completion of each course.

*This course requirement may be waived for students who have successfully completed 5 or more college courses. In order to determine this, VCCICC must review your transcript.