Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council

What are the sponsor responsibilities?


Need qualified mentors on site who are willing to work closely with less experienced staff.

Commit to the process of ongoing professional development for their staff members.

Should think carefully about which staff members would be a good match for this on-the-job training program and scholarship model.

Ensure that the apprentice/mentor team has adequate release time during the regular work week for on-the-job support, including regular observations/assessments and meetings.

Document a progressive wage scale during and upon completion of the 4000-hour training program, as prescribed in the Standards of Apprenticeship approved by the VT Department of Labor.

Enter into a T.E.A.C.H. scholarship contract for each year their apprentice is in class.

Provide 3 hours/week of paid release time for each apprentice during school terms.

Ensure their apprentices receive a 1.5% pay increase upon successful completion of each T.E.A.C.H. contract.

Provide proof of participation, or willingness to participate, in a quality initiative such as STARS, Head Start, or NAEYC/NAFCC accreditation.