Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council

Child Care Apprenticeship Required Community Based Trainings 

Please contact VCCICC to receive prior approval of trainings that meet these requirements.

Consult the BFIS Course Calendar for trainings throughout Vermont.

Planning a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment

  • How to maintain your good health and wellness. This refers to YOU, not the children.
           Examples of training include: preventing burn-out; stress-reduction; nutrition.
                             Online options for completing this training are: 

                                            Better Kid Care - Stress: Seeing With Optimism OR Resilient Caregivers: "Bouncing Back" from Stress
                                            ProSolutions - Dealing with Personal Stress
  • Activities and resources for preventing childhood injury, refers to injury prevention, indoors and outdoors.
          How can you reduce the risk of injury and ensure the safety of children?
          Examples of training include: playground safety, transportation.
                             Online options for completing this training are:
                                            Better Kid Care - Keeping Children Safe on Playgrounds
                                            ProSolutions - Essentials of Indoor Safety
                                            * Please note, the similar training about outdoor safety will not give you full credit for this requirement.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR
  • Teaching children ways of staying safe and healthy.
          Refers to activities you do with children to promote their health and safety.
          Examples include: teaching healthy food choices, physical activity, pedestrian/bike safety, playground rules.
                             Online options for completing this training are: 

                                            Better Kid Care - Your #1 Priority: Keeping Children Healthy & Safe
  • Food handling, sanitation and diaper changing.
          This can be documented by mentor assessments of your skills on the job: Complete Meal Time, Hand Washing and Diapering assessments.
  • Identification, monitoring and reporting of communicable diseases.
          How do you know what to do when you notice a new rash or a child feels feverish?
          Can be done on site with medical professional.
                             Online options for completing this training are: 

                                            ProSolutions - Infectious Disease Control: Kick Those Germs to the Curb!
  • Understanding physical, cultural and other differences.
          How does diversity impact the learning environment?
          Examples include: exploring diversity, children with special needs.
                             Online options for completing this training are: 

                                            Better Kid Care - Building Relationships with Children and Youth Who Challenge Us
                                            ProSolutions - Special Needs in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Program and state policies and practices relating to injury prevention, response to injury and documentation.
          How do you know what to do when a child gets injured?
          Employer can write up documentation of on-site training, if applicable.

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