Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council

Our Mission

The Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) works to enhance the knowledge, skills and status of child care providers by offering the Apprenticeship Program and other professional development activities, while coordinating and linking with other leaders and organizations, in order to build quality and sustain growth of the child care industry.

VCCICC’s mission is to support Vermont’s children, families, communities, schools and businesses through the recruitment, development, mentoring and retention of qualified child care professionals.

VCCICC’s vision is that high quality child care is available for all Vermont children.


For centuries, society has known that one of the best ways to provide a highly educated, well trained, and dedicated workforce has been through apprenticeship. Vermont is one of the few states that offers an apprenticeship program in the trade of child care.

In 1998, following a Summit on the Hill led by First Lady Hillary Clinton, the US Department of Labor released Requests for Proposals to address the crisis of improving the quality of child care. Vermont took this opportunity to apply and began planning for the Child Care Apprenticeship Program. While 10 other grants were awarded, Vermont was special in its request. It was the only state to tie college level courses and on-the- job training to a statewide effort to ensure significantly higher wages for participants.

The VT Child Care Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) was formed to support the Apprenticeship Program and received not for profit status through the Internal Revenue Service. VCCICC collaborated with Champlain College to offer the first tuition-free courses for the Apprenticeship Program in 2001.  In 2003, VCCICC began contracting the Apprenticeship courses with the Community College of Vermont(CCV). The curricula for these classes were developed by qualified instructors in collaboration with representatives of the child care industry. This collaboration has been in place ever since, allowing VCCICC to offer the courses at different CCV sites across the state. As of January 2018, VCCICC has been able to offer college courses continuously for 51 semesters. Over 140 apprentices from across VT have completed the program since our first graduates in 2003.

As of March 15, 2018, the VT Child Care Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) and T.E.A.C.H.* Early Childhood® Vermont announced a NEW process to support the continuation of the Registered Child Care Apprenticeship Program across Vermont.  Apprenticeship is available when you are ready - no waiting for VCCICC to build a cohort and secure funding in your region. Apprenticeship students will register directly through CCV for courses at any CCV location after signing their T.E.A.C.H. scholarship contracts. VCCICC staff will continue to support apprentices, mentors and employers during the journey through the Registered Child Care Apprenticeship Program, including the introduction to higher education, collaboration with the VT Department of Labor, supporting apprentices, mentors and employers.

* T.E.A.C.H. - Teacher Education and Compensation Helps


Pemberton Maxwell : Apprenticeship Coordinator

Pemberton Maxwell

Apprenticeship Coordinator

Lisa Kuehn : Assistant Program Coordinator

Lisa Kuehn

Assistant Program Coordinator

Board Officers

Val Raney : President

Val Raney


Currently, I am the Treasurer on the Board of Directors and have served in this position since 2012.  I am the owner and director of 4 Corners Children’s Center, a licensed child care program in Hartland 4 Corners.  Once I heard about the Apprenticeship Program, it was an easy choice to have 4 Corners became a sponsor. To date, we’ve had four people complete the Apprenticeship Program, one complete the On the Job Training Program, and many others, including myself, take advantage of the college courses available to VCCICC members. VCCICC has changed the quality of our program by providing opportunities to educate our staff and providing mentoring & advising.  I will continue to advocate for the education of early educators through the Apprenticeship Program.

Jan Walker : Vice President

Jan Walker

Vice President

I’ve been a family child care provider and a teacher/director in a licensed center. However, for most of my professional life, I worked for the Child Development Division (CDD) as the “Director of Workforce Development and Quality Enhancement”.

While in the CDD, I worked with colleagues in the Department of Labor along with early childhood professionals and many others to establish the Vermont Child Care Apprenticeship Program in 2000. VCCICC has done a
great job supporting apprenticeship since then.

I retired in 2016 and joined the VCCICC Board in 2017 and am doing my part to keep the organization and apprenticeship strong.

Dawn Johnson : Treasuer

Dawn Johnson


Hello, my name is Dawn Twine-Johnson and I live in Plainfield, VT with my husband and two grand-dogs! For over thirty years I worked in the human services field and raised our two children as well as supported hundreds of families in raising their children.  Those years included early childcare and education, parent education through the local mental health district and the state child protection division.  Due to several reasons I have taken a break but I am excited to re-join the early childcare and education field again as a director on the VCCICC board.  As with any profession rules and people change and there is a saying I heard at one of the many childcare conferences I attended:

“Change is inevitable but growth is optional!”

 I have lived by that phrase and understand that growth is sometimes very challenging.  My goal with VCCICC is to support those who want to grow in this amazing profession and have a positive impact on developing the next generations.

Susan Paré : Secretary

Susan Paré


Susan Paré is the Executive Director of the Starksboro Cooperative Preschool(SCP), a non-profit preschool and childcare organization. First introduced to SCP as a parent, Susan began teaching in 1988, and became SCP’s director ten years later.  Responding to the need for high quality early care and education for young children, Susan helped transform SCP from a part-time, parent coop preschool into a full time, five-star preschool program.  After a positive and rewarding experience as a mentor in the Child Care Apprentice program, Susan joined VCCICC’s board, and currently holds the office of Secretary.   Susan has three adult children and lives in Starksboro, VT with husband Michael and intrepid dog Stella.  Passions include: enjoying grandchildren, hiking, gardening, reading, and of course, spending time with preschoolers!

Members at Large

Judy Bourbeau : Member at Large

Judy Bourbeau

Member at Large

My name is Judy Bourbeau and I am the Apprenticeship Program Supervisor at the VT Department of Labor.  As a long-term employee of the Vermont Department of Labor Workforce Development Division, I have devoted much of my career working with individuals seeking training and apprenticeships.

As an employee who has worked my way up through the career ladder within the Department, I believe I have a unique ability to understand the challenges related to continuous personal development and training.  I was fortunate to work as an Apprenticeship Field Representative for a number of years under the supervision of a true professional, mentor and role model. The training I received exemplified the apprenticeship model as I had an effective mentor who prepared me for a career ladder and offered guidance and leadership.  When she retired from her position as the Apprenticeship Program Supervisor, I had the opportunity to advance my career into the supervisory position.

I believe in the value of Registered Apprenticeship and I get a great deal of satisfaction when I see apprentices complete their career goals.

Maeghan Huffstutlar : Member at Large

Maeghan Huffstutlar

Member at Large

Hello to All! I have been teaching toddlers at Kids and Fitness in Williston for 15 years and am a graduate of the Apprenticeship program through VCCICC. I am a member of the Leadership Team at Kids and Fitness Williston and enjoy mentoring new teachers in the field of Early Education.  The support I received through my partnership with VCCICC changed my life in so many positive ways I wanted to give back to the program, which led me to become a Board Member in 2018.

Mary Beth Thomas : Member at Large

Mary Beth Thomas

Member at Large

Mary Beth lives in Fairfax with her husband, toddler son, and chocolate lab. For over 20 years she has worked for the technology industry in communications leadership roles. As a college student she studied early childhood education and would have benefited from our apprenticeship program herself. Mary Beth worked in early child care for many years before switching careers due to not being able to finish her degree in education, and needed to find a job that could would be more financially stable. Mary Beth’s true passion is children and her career would have been very different if this program was available to her when she was first starting out. This desire to help others see the value in apprenticeship brings her to our VCCICC board. Mary Beth still involves herself volunteering at her son’s school, and one of her families beloved teachers this past year was an apprenticeship graduate.